4 comments on “Board room dramas still plague Liverpool FC…

  1. I think they didn’t want to get Dempsey, because it would have shown that they did tap him up! The the club didn’t want the long another drawn out saga. But It looks like fulham are pressing ahead with it Anyway. We can’t seem to get away from this negativety at the moment.
    Brendon will turn the negativity around in time, and make us a better club and team.
    He is a likeable guy and very good with the media. Hopefully people will warm to LFC again and cut us a little slack!

  2. Seems an interesting situation at Anfield. Still problems at the club, lack of funds as well maybe. I think they have to learn quickly after spending big money on downing that things need to change quickly and not a penny can be wasted. Tricky times once again.

  3. Agree, changes don’t start working over a night… 😉


    But I’m a bit sorry that Alex del Piero, one of my favorite italian footballers ever, didn’t end up in red…;-)

  4. Liverpool’s abject failure to sign a striker during the transfer window has left the club in precarious position up front, but in a fit of desperation, could Brendan Rodgers be persuaded to bring in Michael Owen on a pay-as-you-play deal?Prior to yesterday’s transfer window fiasco, Owen tweeted the following:”Final day of the transfer window and I’m likely to play a part in it!”Owen didn’t end up moving anywhere, and as a free Agent, he’s can join any Premier League club without restriction. Earlier today, Owen added:”I had two big European teams show an interest yesterday but my priority still remains to play in the Prem. We will see how the day pans out. Nothing to confirm just yet, will be an interesting few days now that the transfer window is closed”.Should Liverpool think about bringing Owen in as a back-up Striker? I personally don’t think it would be a good idea:* It would smack of major desperation on Liverpool’s part.* Owen’s injury history means he’d probably spend most of his time on the treatment table. * It would be symbolic of taking a giant step backwards, and Liverpool don’t need that right now.However, I know there are fans out there who would love to see Owen back, irrespective of the fact his last club was Manchester United. Bringing him back is an undeniably romantic idea, but is it a good idea?

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